Let’s Pretend

  Let’s pretend we’re not human. Let’s pretend life is easy. Let’s pretend prayer solves everything. Let’s pretend our homes are immaculate and that we don’t shove things in a closet or junk drawer when company comes over. Let’s pretend our wallets are always full and that none of us ever struggle financially. Let’s pretend… Continue reading Let’s Pretend


Unpretending (Messy Spirituality Excerpt)

There is no room for pretending in the spiritual life. Unfortunately, in many religious circles, there exists an unwritten rule. Pretend. Act like God is in control when you don’t believe he is. Give the impression everything is okay in your life when it’s not. Pretend you believe when you doubt; hide your imperfections; maintain… Continue reading Unpretending (Messy Spirituality Excerpt)