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Accepting Powerlessness

I have been writing a lot about spiritual abuse, legalism, recovery, denial, feelings, etc., so I’ll be posting some original stuff soon hopefully. This is actually tomorrow’s meditation, but so good I just had to share today. Accepting Powerlessness Since I’ve been a child, I’ve been in an antagonistic relationship with an important emotional part… Continue reading Accepting Powerlessness

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Your Stage Mask

The following is an excerpt from Richard Rohr’s book Falling Upward. Your stage mask is not bad, evil, or necessarily egocentric; it is just not “true.” It is manufactured and sustained unconsciously by your mind; but it can and will die, as all fictions must die. Persona and shadow are correlative terms. Your shadow is… Continue reading Your Stage Mask


Dear Bible Study Teacher,

I put you on a pedestal. I wanted to please you at all costs. I wanted you to acknowledge I was spiritually growing at optimal pace, even if I knew you would only be acknowledging a mask. Your opinion of me became more important than God’s. You said you struggled, but it was hard to… Continue reading Dear Bible Study Teacher,


My mind goes there sometimes (a confession)

“Sometimes…the truth is harder than the pain inside.” Erasure My mind sometimes goes there…to that ugly place where it tells me “if it gets too bad, you know what you can do.” The truth is that it wasn’t just doing this during that excruciatingly dark night of the soul three years ago…it has been going there… Continue reading My mind goes there sometimes (a confession)