PRAYER: My God, I Don’t Believe, by Michel Quoist

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Many sincere believers lack a proper understanding of God.  These people have caricatured his face.  The caricature is increasingly unacceptable to today’s men and women – and they are quite right to reject it because it represents the face of a false God. Who is God for us?  Is…

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Your Stage Mask

The following is an excerpt from Richard Rohr’s book Falling Upward. Your stage mask is not bad, evil, or necessarily egocentric; it is just not “true.” It is manufactured and sustained unconsciously by your mind; but it can and will die, as all fictions must die. Persona and shadow are correlative terms. Your shadow is… Continue reading Your Stage Mask


Dear Bible Study Teacher,

I put you on a pedestal. I wanted to please you at all costs. I wanted you to acknowledge I was spiritually growing at optimal pace, even if I knew you would only be acknowledging a mask. Your opinion of me became more important than God’s. You said you struggled, but it was hard to… Continue reading Dear Bible Study Teacher,

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Despite how I feel, He loves me still

Learning to live honest when you’ve lived most of your life in moralistic dishonesty is hard. Real me always fighting the me I “should be”. Marci Preheim I confess I’m having one of those “I hate myself” weeks. If you say you don’t have those days/weeks, I’ll wonder if you’re human or will assume the… Continue reading Despite how I feel, He loves me still