Friday thoughts on depression and compassion

You never know when you might struggle the same way your friend is struggling. Years ago someone close to me went through a horrible depression. I remember thinking to myself at the time that I would never allow myself to struggle like that or let depression get that bad. Fast forward years later and I… Continue reading Friday thoughts on depression and compassion

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Glorious Ruin Excerpt

Christianity is in no way a stoic faith. It fundamentally rejects the “stiff upper lip” school of thought. Unfortunately, some Christians are guilty of throwing out an equivalent sentiment when they play the “God is sovereign” card as a way to trump every evil that comes your way. “Sure, trouble will come, but don’t cry,”… Continue reading Glorious Ruin Excerpt


The Deep Thinker & Free Spirit

As I was driving through the Texas hill country yesterday in an attempt clear some chaos from my mind, a memory surfaced. I think I was either in high school or college. My dad shared some things about his baby brother, who died of a heroin overdose at 25, when I was just a toddler.… Continue reading The Deep Thinker & Free Spirit