Friday Night Quote

St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, Omega Center, Boerne, Texas

“There are peculiar circumstances in the believer’s experience when Christ becomes especially precious to the soul. For example: in the deeper ploughings of the heart’s hidden sinfulness – when the Holy Spirit reveals more of the innate corruption of our nature, and gives a more spiritual perception of sin’s exceeding sinfulness, oh, how precious does the finished work of Christ then become! How precious the blood that cleanses from all sin! If God is leading you through this stage of Christian experience, beloved, be not alarmed; it is but to build up His dear Son upon the wreck and ruin of your own merit, strength, and sufficiency. He will have us love His Son with a love like His own – a love of divine, supreme, ineffable affection – and this can only be felt in the region of our own nothingness!” Octavius Winslow, The Precious Things of God


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