The Disservice of Masks (Quote)

I have been working on a very long post about masks. In the meantime I’ll share this:

“When the requirement for acceptance in any particular group is to think certain thoughts, to act in certain ways, and to fit in certain molds—and we don’t think or act that way or fit the mold—we tend to fake it. We put on a mask that says, “I’m just like you. Now, will you please love me and accept me?” I can think of hardly anything that will kill your joy and freedom more than wearing a mask geared to get others to accept you because you are acting like them.

Allow me to let you in on a secret: Nobody fits the mold, and most of us wear masks to cause others to think we do. The greatest tragedy of the church is that, in many cases, the most dishonest hour of the week is the hour we spend at church.

I’m not suggesting that we let it all hang out. I grow quite uncomfortable with public and detailed confessions of sin. Some things ought to be shared with only one or two close and mature Christian friends. But when we give the impression that we have it all together and live “one hundred miles from any known sin,” when we preach and teach about sin with the implication that we are talking about others, when we seem to be anything other than what we are, sinners saved by grace—we do a great disservice to one another, and we become bound to the masks instead of free in Christ.” Steve Brown, A Scandalous Freedom


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