A Scandalous Freedom Excerpt

“I suspect we have all been admonished, preached to, judged, corrected, and disciplined by people who were committing the same sins that haunted us. In their efforts to make us feel guilty, they were simply diverting attention from themselves.

Some people find it very easy to manipulate others. They know that most people aren’t getting much better, and it is a short step from that knowledge to manipulation. Power and self-righteousness can be wonderfully addictive and easily acquired by accusing others. Believe me, I know; I’m an expert.

When Paul talks about the abolition of the law in the book of Romans, he gives us a powerful way to get better, because he knew that getting better wasn’t the point. Our relationship with God is the point, and that is the place where we ought to get obsessive. When I am obsessed with being better instead of being consumed with God’s love and grace, I become prideful if I can pull it off and self-centered if I can’t.

The greatest cause for our not getting better is our obsession with not getting better. There is a better way of getting better than trying harder. Sanctification becomes a reality in those believers who don’t obsess over their own sanctification. Holiness hardly ever becomes a reality until we care more about Jesus than about holiness.” Steve Brown, Scandalous Freedom


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