Memories of Dad


My brother, several years ago, asked for people who visit our Dad’s Facebook remembrance page to share their “Best Memory of Boxer”. I have lots and lots of awesome memories with my dad (and my mom) but at the time this is the one that came to mind. Dad died in 1999 at 52 years old, and sometimes it feels like he was here just yesterday.

The day that I went into labor, my parents were scheduled to fly out to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. My dad had an important appointment regarding his treatment that he couldn’t miss. My sister-in-law, Norma, graciously accompanied me through my labor, bless her soul. She didn’t know what she had gotten herself into because I was a big baby throughout the whole ordeal. Labor pain without an epidural can do that to you. Norma and the entire labor and delivery ward had to endure me screaming my lungs out all morning crying “Mommy, mommy, oh, mommy”. Most women cry for their moms during labor, right?

All of a sudden, mid-scream, someone, probably Norma, tells me to keep it down because my parents are headed into the room. It was a TOTAL, HUGE surprise. As soon as mom and dad walked into the room, I displayed my best fake smile and said in my Pollyanna voice (because what I was going through was a drop in the bucket compared to the months of turmoil dad had endured) “Hi Daddy, what are you doing here?” The Look of concern and love on my parents faces will live with me forever. My dad wanted to be there to see his “little girl” give birth to his grandaughter, but their flight was leaving soon. He hated that cancer was taking him away from what mattered to him the most in this world – his family. He took my hand and comforted me and told me it would all be okay. They could only stay a few minutes, and I was still several hours away from the “fruit” of my labor. My heart ached for them as they walked out of my hospital room. Who knows what news was awaiting them in Houston.

When they saw my beautiful Briana for the first time the next day, they were overjoyed. I’m so grateful Dad got a chance to meet Bri and spend a little over a year with her. My dad absolutely adored all four of his grandkids, and I know he’s watching over them from heaven.

I also just want to say a special thank you to my mom for all she did to care for my dad during those difficult years as well as helping this single mom get on her feet.


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