Restored Vessels


What if we could all see ourselves and each other as restored vessels, as the souls we will be when we enter our Heavenly home? We would see the cracks all repaired, wounds healed, so there is no trace of damage; the light overtaking all the darkness, the glow of Jesus shining in our souls. A few years after my dad died I had a dream that gave me a beautiful glimpse of what this would look like…

I was at a wedding by the gulf. Nobody looked familiar. A freak hurricane rolled in and everyone at the wedding died in the storm. We were floating in this humongous flood. Then, the flood died down and we were sitting in a dark, damp, dungeon of a room with several other people. There were bars on the windows and outside it was very dark and bleak. I don’t know how long we were in the dungeon but we all remained quiet and were thinking about our lives, praying, and wondering what was to come. The next day the sky was bright and sunny and these rays of light entered the room and broke the bars on the windows as they entered. The rays of light turned into stars that touched each of our bodies. Immediately, all our wounds had been healed and the scars that we had gotten throughout our lives disappeared. We could feel God’s presence and power and all the hurt, both emotional and physical, that we had experienced throughout our lives seemed to melt away.  Then, the dungeon gates opened and we were greeted with a beautiful paradise that I believe was Heaven. My face lit up and my smile became permanent. I didn’t get to see my dad, but was handed a note written by him that said, as best as I could remember when I woke up….”Don’t get discouraged and keep trusting God.”

That dream was God’s message to me to NOT LOSE HOPE, and his love song to me that despite how much I had failed or struggled with life that I would be RESTORED, my family would be restored, ALL would be restored.

Life got even more difficult after that dream. Our family was deeply grieving Dad’s death. He was so young and his battle with cancer so brutal.  My precious little girl developed a seizure disorder and hospital and doctor visits became our normal for a few years. My mom was dealing with some health issues and hospitalizations too. Life seemed like an endless storm and I just could not seem to get my act together financially, emotionally, spiritually.

But…God never left me and He always sees me as that restored vessel. He sees you as that restored vessel. He sees your loved ones as restored vessels. 


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