Don’t Forget

I shared this on a different blog a few years ago….


I was rummaging through my photo box last night and came across this photo. I thought…not a good memory, and was ready to put it at the bottom of the pile when God’s still, small voice said…DON’T FORGET.

This photo was taken when Bri was 3, just a few years after my dad died. Bri spent a week in McAllen Medical Center as her neurologist tried to determine the cause of her seizures and stabilize her medications. We spent a few years fighting the battle of trying to find the right meds for her and get her stable. She had temporary paralysis on her left side and had to go through physical, occupational, and speech therapy for a year. The cause of the seizures was never determined, but I am blessed to report that Bri has been seizure-free since 2003. There is so much more to write about this time in our lives and the memories have started flooding my mind again…and I’ll eventually share all that I remember.

On my walk this morning, God reminded me again…DON’T FORGET. He also reminded me of all the people he sent to help us during that time, so I feel blessed to be able to thank them after all these years – my mom for holding onto hope, my dad in Heaven for watching over us, Norma, Jeff, David, Tino and Libby, Imelda Serda (who is now with the Lord), Sylvia Alvarado and family, Mary (Bri’s babysitter at the time), Ann Williams, Glenda Ramee, Emma Saenz, Thelma Gardner, Elaine Gomez, Dr. Wilson Sy and his staff, the nurses and staff of McAllen Medical Center, and the McAllen ISD Administration Office. Friends who sent cards, letters and encouragement. Forgive me if I missed anyone. With tears in my eyes, I want to especially thank a woman and her husband who really exhibited the Body of Christ to me at a time when all I wanted to do was shake my fists at God – Linda Olsen (and her husband), my coworker in the GT office. The list of things they did for us is too long to share, but to name a few….never-ceasing prayer, numerous hospital visits, cleaning out my car when it was flooded in the neurology parking lot while Bri and I waited 4 hours to see her doctor, brownies, meals, etc. I have Linda and her church, First Baptist McAllen, to thank for the fact that I have a relationship with Christ today.

God reminded me that He gives grace in all things….so…with His help you will get through whatever you are facing, and when you do….DON’T FORGET! Thank you Lord for so many blessings, even in the midst of pain.


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