Memo to file: Mental Art Gallery


“We store in our minds in a kind of mental art gallery what others have said to us.” Patricia Wagner

The following was inspired by the above quote and by Max Lucado’s sermon at Oak Hills Church on March 16, 2014

Memo to file: Mental Art Gallery

The historical society would not let me remove the works in the gallery that no longer served a purpose in the collection. So, an executive order came down from the gallery owner (aka God). Not only did he order those works removed, but he wiped them from the historical record. Then, he totally renovated the gallery from the ground up. He gave it a brand new name and completely new purpose. He directed the gallery curator to no longer accept works from the people who contributed to the old collection.

Christina Hernandez, March 2014

Note: He did not say, do not accept the people who contributed to the old collection, just their words that don’t fit in with the new collection (his truth)


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