TED Nominee and Very Brave Girl

Art by Melody Ross of The Brave Girls Club
Art by Melody Ross of The Brave Girls Club

There is a woman who lives in a land far far away…well, Star, Idaho to be exact. This woman has been through the battlefield, she has been on top of the mountain, and she has been deep in the pit. God has used this woman to encourage me and inspire me to go on during some very dark times and I’ve never even met her. Her name is Melody Ross. She and her sister Kathy run an organization called The Brave Girls Club. I don’t remember exactly how I found their website, but when I did I knew it was a God-send. I have read Melody’s essay You Will Fly Again at least thirty times if not more (when I was going through my depression, there were weeks I had to read portions of it everyday), and have shared it with friends numerous times. I have read her essay Seeing Past What It Seems at least ten times. I have been amazed by Melody’s art and daily encouragement.

Well, maybe it was another God moment (using a term my friend Josie Barone uses), but something came over me one morning and I felt an overwhelming sense that Melody should be a TED speaker. I checked their website to see if she was listed as a speaker..nothing. It surprised me a bit that this amazing woman who inspires thousands of women on a daily basis was not a TED speaker, so, I submitted a nomination. Here is what I wrote about her:
Melody Ross is an artist, writer, innovator, philanthropist, and world-changer, who inspires women, girls, and even men, to achieve their dreams, give back to their community, and to change the world. Melody is a 4th generation Idahoan. At the age of 25 Melody and her husband founded the publishing and product design company, Chatterbox. After some personal setbacks and years of struggle, Melody made a decision to take an inventory of her life and begin to care for her soul. Through this process, Soul Restoration and the Brave Girls Club was born. Melody has garnered numerous awards for product innovation. The Brave Girls club facebook page has over 55,000 subscribers. The organization offers multiple opportunities every year, through their Brave Girls camps and online classes, for women to nurture their souls and to dream again. Melody, and the Brave Girls Club, have also been instrumental in raising funds for Dahlia House, a safe house in Manila for women and girls entangled in the world of human trafficking. There is so much more to say about Melody, but the Brave Girls Club website is the best resource for information about this incredible woman. I am recommending Melody because her work has inspired me, after some darkness in my life, to dream big dreams and live life to the fullest. Her biography can be found here: http://www.melodyross.com/biography.htm

I don’t know if a nomination from just one unknown person will make it into the hands of the decision makers at TED, and I still don’t see Melody on the list of speakers, so I thought I’d write about it and see. Here’s the link to the nomination form: http://www.ted.com/nominate/speaker

Just so you get a glimpse into the beauty of this woman, here is a post she wrote just recently:

Just because I wear red cowboy boots…..(and other things that keep us apart)…a blog post about standing in a circle with women you maybe once judged unfairly….(and maybe even some who once judged you)

“Every woman in the whole wide world needs a safe place to go to figure things out…a place where they are loved, and accepted and held sacred just because they are alive…a place where the lights are on so you can step out of the dark….a place where you can take off your masks and your armor and just be… EVERYONE needs this…..that’s why we made Brave Girl’s Club…we wanted to make a place like that….we hope that there are lots of places like this in your life….but we wanted to make a place where you could show up and be loved no matter what.” Melody Ross, Brave Girls Club

Note: God has been using many instruments to heal me from depression and anxiety and I will be writing more about them in the coming months. Thanks for visiting!


8 thoughts on “TED Nominee and Very Brave Girl

  1. Oh Christina…
    This is wonderful!!! (I just read your post on the Brave Girls Post this morning and then headed straight here to read your blog post about nominating Melody to be a TED speaker). Thank you for doing this… it is a WONDER-FULL idea and I can “see” Melody on stage now… sharing her wise and loving heart with us very soon. Let’s ALL hold that thought and see it happening even sooner! 🙂 Thank you, thank thank you Christina. with love, Sandi

    1. Sandi,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. I was surprised that Melody had not been asked yet to do a TED talk. I think she may even surpass Brene Brown but we need to get her on that stage. FYI – I just updated my blog design. It was time. Please tell your Brave Girl friends about nominating Melody. God Bless!

  2. Christina…

    Can you tell us how we go about nominating Melody?….It there something special we need to write… or a form to fill out… or a suggestion box or something?… I would love to put my vote in to nominate Melody too. Thank you. 🙂

    1. I need to add the nomination form to the post. Will make sure to do that by Monday. Or you can google TED speaker nomination. Thanks so much! By the way…love your art..will have to explore more.

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