13 Years

Please visit dad’s Facebook remembrance page and read all the wonderful tributes people have left by clicking here: In Remembrance of Alfredo Boxer Hernandez

Tomorrow, June 7th, marks the 13 anniversary of dad’s death.

One particular day as dad and I sat at the dining room table eating Luby’s during my lunch break was definitely one of the most difficult days of my life. It still haunts me in my nightmares to this day. I knew cancer had invaded my dad’s body, but every bone in my body knew he would beat it. He was an athlete and coach, and although he may not have always won the game or the race, what I knew for sure was that he knew how to fight the good fight.

Dad was always healthy as a horse. I rarely recall him being sick. He also didn’t get depressed.  If he did have a temporary moment of despair, it passed quickly or I wasn’t aware. So, when the diagnosis of cancer became a reality, I thought it would be a temporary setback, but there was no way he would lose his life.

That day he glanced over at me, crocodile tears forming in his eyes, and grabbed my hand.

“Love,” he gently said my parents’ nickname for me.

“What daddy?” I jump up from my chair as the tears began to spout from my eyes.

“I’m going to die,” he said as he crumpled in my arms.

I felt like the adult, he was the child.

“No daddy, don’t say things like that, you’re not going to die, you’re not!”

I don’t recall any more words being spoken at the table that day. I just remember holding on tight, not wanting to let go.

Less than a few months later, my dad’s words became a reality. He died at 52. His youngest son had just graduated from high school, he had four young grandchildren, he and mom had just celebrated 30 years of marriage, and he hadn’t even reached retirement.

Dad did fight the good fight, but the Lord had other plans for him. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. I still have dreams where he is back on this earth with us healthy and strong again, and cancer and death were just nightmares. What keeps me going is the faith that he is somewhere far better than this place.

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Revelation 21:4

We love you and miss you daddy, but we know we will see you again.


6 thoughts on “13 Years

  1. Christina, what a beautiful testimony of a daddy’s love for his daughter. I believe your dreams of him represent who he really is now in heaven. What a blessing to know we will all be together some day soon:). May the Lord comfort your heart today

    1. Thank you so much Denalyn. Yes, I need to remember that he is free from all pain and heartache, and that we will be with him in paradise soon. Love you!

  2. Your dad was a wonderful man of God. His legacy is being lived on in a wonderful woman of God. I pray that you feel His Presence and Peace today and in the days to come. Love you, Josie

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