God's Sovereignty

God’s Art & His Way of Saying “You’ll Get Through This”

I was driving home on IH-10 after running an errand. Radio off, sunglasses on,  mumbling prayers to the Lord. Incoherent prayers. Popcorn prayers. Prayers for His peace. Prayers for His comfort. Prayers for Him to say hi to my dad.

The last few weeks have been tough. Several weeks leading up to the anniversary of dad’s death (it will be 13 years in June) always seem to be tough, not to mention things have not been easy with the changes at work.

All of a sudden, a glorious sunset appears through my driver’s side window….

A real genuine smile appears on my face after that first shot. I’m guilty as charged…I took these pictures while driving. I was very careful:)

With each passing moment, the sunset gets more and more glorious….

He is reminding me that He is in control of it all…

He reminds me that our dad is in a place more glorious than this….

He reminds me that one day I will be in the glorious place too and we will have a wonderful family reunion.

He reminded me of this too as I looked down at my steering wheel…

From Max Lucado's sermon series at Oak Hills Church, San Antonio

Thank you Lord for your reminders and thanks for saying hi to daddy!

To watch or listen to Max’s sermon series please click here: http://oakhillschurch.com/media-2/


11 thoughts on “God’s Art & His Way of Saying “You’ll Get Through This”

  1. AWESOME! It was just what I needed today. My breath catches in my throat just looking at these photos. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And God bless you…

    1. Thanks Dave! Last night I had such an urge to call and talk to dad. So hard to believe it will be 13 years. I’m glad the thing I remember most about him is his wonderful smile.

    1. Yes, it was wonderful. The peace that I was praying for was displayed right before me. It made me think about all the beautiful sunsets I have missed while worrying or taking care of lesser things. God is Awesome and He loves us so.

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