I Used To Be A Party Girl

Melody of Brave Girls Club, who always inspires me with her writing and art, wrote this post about how she used to be a party girl (the wholesome kind, something I unfortunately can’t brag about) back in the day, but now she is more of an introvert in her 40’s. I feel the exact same way. I just get exhausted trying to party it up like in the old days, but I do miss the ease of the friendships back in those days.

Elaine and Me at a Halloween Party


What about you? Did friendship seem easier in your 20’s (if you are past your 20’s of course)? Are you more of an introvert now that you are older? Did you used to be a party girl? I’d love to read your responses.

By the way..in the picture above I guess I was supposed to be a cross between Pat Benatar, Madonna, and Blondie. Elaine was a Mardi Gras float.

One thought on “I Used To Be A Party Girl

  1. I have actually made this comment many times to Jason (my husband). Since we have been out of the Army, we realize that friends are so much harder to meet at our age. In the military there were instant friends with your neighbors in base housing communities. We had ready made friends at each new unit and bonded through working out together, working together, deploying together, and then partying after work as a way to relax. We used to hang out with all our “Army buddies”/friends on the weekends and go over to each other’s houses.

    But now, as civilians in our late 30s it is much harder to make friends. In both mine and Jason’s job our co-workers are elderly and have grandkids to care for or adult children to worry about. They are not in the mind set to out to an artsy place for dinner or spend an evening in a dark, loud hole in the wall place listening to some amazing live music. As graduate students without kids, we feel as though we have no peers. Even cousins our age who used to enjoy a great dinner at a new restaurant with live music and cocktails at a martini bar aftewards now all decline on the account of their kids (and don’t get me wrong, we do not hold that against them or see that as a bad thing at all, we’re not ogres you know!).

    But being childless does make it harder. Soccer moms, little league Dad’s, Girl Scout leaders etc. they all have instant connections and instant friends and automatic playdates. Even parishoners our age at our church have several kids. It’s just a fact of like…people our age are either divorced or single and partying a little too hard for us, or are too busy being amazing parents and making their children a priorty (commendable!).

    So where do people our age without the common automatic bond of children meet friends?! Not in our current jobs, not in our classes (we both take on-line classes with students from all over the world, literally, but not anyway we can meet face-to-face). Short of walking up to one of the couples we might pass on our weekend hikes and saying, “Would you please be our friends?” (envision sad puppy dog eyes here and a pathetic pout for good measure), where can we meet friends?

I love to read your comments....

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