Praying for Strangers

The book Praying for Strangers by River Jordan, and the concept of it, has been seeping through my thoughts all day long. I found out about the book from this (in)courage blog post, Praying for Strangers – The Resolution. The post reminded me of an incident that occurred when Bri and I went to Sea World a few years ago. Bri and I were in line getting a drink at one of the snack shacks when I noticed this mom was really coming down hard on her daughter, who appeared to be about ten years old. Bri and I were both in shock at the way the mom was yelling, taunting the little girl, and putting her down to no end. The mom then proceeded to walk away and leave the girl standing there outside the snack area with huge crocodile tears in her eyes. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to walk over to the girl and tell her that Jesus loves her and that Bri and I love her and that we would be praying for her, I gave her a big hug too. Maybe the mom was having a really bad day and maybe the daugther did something she shouldn’t have (of course I didn’t have the complete picture). I know there have been many moments where I have said things to Bri that I later regretted (and always try to apologize for), but I got the impression that for this little girl this was a regular occurence and I felt in my heart that her spirit was being torn down. I saw the emptiness in her eyes and the longing to be loved. We prayed for the mom too, even though at the moment all I wanted to do was punch her (which probably would not have produced desirable results). I think the incident also made me much more aware of how I talk to Briana.

So, I have resolved to pray for a stranger every day and I resolve to read this book. I read the first chapter for free on Amazon, and River speaks of an incident similar to my own in a ski resort bathroom. I believe this is a resolution we can all achieve, and my mind begins to do cartwheels when I think of how this will change the world.


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