Giving Thanks – Day 2

Thank you Lord for every day you give us. Thank you for your mercy, grace and the following:


Is thankful that the clay fox she is making in art class is starting to look pretty good.

Is thankful that tomorrow is the last day of school this week.


Am thankful that my pain from a health issue I am having is reduced.

Am so thankful for our friends Irene and Andy who treat us like family.

Lord, we pray for your protection and peace this week. We pray for all those traveling this week and all the soldiers who have to spend Thanksgiving away from their families. We pray for the less-fortunate and those who are unaware of your amazing grace.

In Jesus Name,





One thought on “Giving Thanks – Day 2

  1. I give thanks that my husband and I successfully moved into our apartment and have transitioned smoothly. I especially give thanks to God that He always provides us the means to pay our rent. I am thankful for my husband who is patient and appears unfazed and not the least bit bothered that we have now lived in our apartment for an entire week and I have yet to open even just one box! (I’m pacing myself..lol!)

    I pray for all our brothers and sisters, families with children, who are homeless, whose homes have been forclosed on, who have been forced to make the decision to move in with family or friends for shelter and those who are living in public shelters, in their automobiles. Keep them safe Lord, bless them. Send the Holy Spirit to encourage them. May they turn to YOU all-providing Abba, and not away from you with bitterness and hardened hearts. In Jesus name I pray…Amen.

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