Me at 4 years old

I shared the following poem in our Women’s Bible study the other night and just thought I’d share here as well. I wrote it about 2007.

When I see that picture of that little girl in the pretty pink dress climbing in that tree, with a smile as big as can be, with fear nowhere in sight, I wonder why can’t that be me?

Somewhere in that smile is a knowing, a faith that God planted deep inside that little soul…a faith that could not be touched…until…the world began to wrap it’s claws around her and choke her with trepidation and cloud her heart from the truth.

The smiling little girl let that fear consume her until..the smile was a mask and that little innocent heart couldn’t breathe and the things of this world couldn’t stand to set the little heart free.

Then one day when the little girl was by “society’s standards”, no longer little, a prince set the woman free. Not a prince like in Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, but the most amazing prince that could ever be.

The prince’s name is Jesus and His love for the the little girl, now a woman, as well as every child upon this earth, runs deeper than our minds can ever imagine.

Yes, the world still attempts to take hold of that little heart, and the woman may for a moment let the world have it’s way…until…something deep inside her soul, something God planted there, reminds her that with Jesus she can be free, free from the fear and sin that this dark world presents.

The woman is constantly reminded that this world is not her home, and that one day she will reside in the most beautiful paradise with her prince and His family, her family…and with that said I remember the smiling little girl in that tree is me and I am free.

Christina Hernandez


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