The Shame Toilet

A glimpse into my response to difficulties of life under the false Health, Wealth, & Prosperity gospel I make a mistake, a troublesome situation arises in my life, or I experience difficult emotions. I forget that I’m human and I forget that since I am human I will make mistakes, troubles will arise, and difficult… Continue reading The Shame Toilet

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Accepting Powerlessness

I have been writing a lot about spiritual abuse, legalism, recovery, denial, feelings, etc., so I’ll be posting some original stuff soon hopefully. This is actually tomorrow’s meditation, but so good I just had to share today. Accepting Powerlessness Since I’ve been a child, I’ve been in an antagonistic relationship with an important emotional part… Continue reading Accepting Powerlessness

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Your Stage Mask

The following is an excerpt from Richard Rohr’s book Falling Upward. Your stage mask is not bad, evil, or necessarily egocentric; it is just not “true.” It is manufactured and sustained unconsciously by your mind; but it can and will die, as all fictions must die. Persona and shadow are correlative terms. Your shadow is… Continue reading Your Stage Mask